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Momma Bear Courtney

Momma Bear Courtney … is what we call her. Number #1 Chicago Lands Mother and Friend in my book.

Courtney is a rocking awesome mom to 3 beautiful little girls, mom to 1 calm and 1 wild dog, wife to a rocking awesome husband, daughter and sister, friend to so many, Homeschooler, Farmer, Hairdresser, and yes I added this one to her list, A Camper.

My dear friend Courtney, My sister, My idol, My inspiration, My breath of fresh air, the one I adore and love. You are beyond words can describe  Special, sweet, heart of gold, beautiful, kind and giving, unique, hard working, open minded and so so much more. I love our laughs and good times we have. I love how you teach me about god. We are truly are like sisters. Think alike, act alike. I just love you. Thank you for being YOU.
Love you always and forever,
Axi : )) xoxoxoox






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