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Did you know  your images from your photo session can be on any Smart Phone and Tablet ?  Yup that’s right. Just a click and a tap and voila there they are.  It’s an App that you can download right to your phone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, and will be there for as long as you like,  just like any other App. How cool is that.

I attached a link for you to see.

Here is how to do it:

From your Smart Phone or Tablet, go to my web site.

Go to Blog to get to this post.

Then click on the Link below.

I strongly recommend to be on wifi ( example: home, office, Panera ) for the initial download, but because of HTML,  you could still download over 3G – it will just take longer. Apple, for example won’t let you download apps from the app store over 10MB without a WiFi connection either. After that, your gallery will load fast in the future and can be viewed anywhere regardless of connection speed.

Go check it out, its fun and gaged awesome.

If you are interested in having this feature added, let me know. In the month of June it’s FREE for anyone that has a session booked with me.

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